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Speaker Profile

Hemanth Rao
Mr Hemanth Rao

Single Malt Amateur Club

Hemanth is a Bangalore-based IT professional whose keen interest in the rich history of whisky, led him on an exciting exploration since the late 90’s. He possesses an innate curiosity about the unique stories behind every bottle, and this curiosity has taken him on many adventures to hone his skills and further his collection – from the distilleries in Scotland and Ireland to the hills of Solan and the shores of Goa.

He founded Single Malt Amateur Club in 2011, with one goal in mind – to bring together people from different realms who share his passion for single malt whisky. He aims to bring experiences around all things whisky to fans across the world and is always on the lookout for rare makers and distilleries.

Over the past decade, Hemanth has witnessed a notable evolution in India’s whisky culture.

Perhaps the most important change being that it is no longer perceived as an ‘old man’s drink’. New-age whisky drinkers comprise both young men and women who are starting to enjoy whisky and are genuinely interested in the history behind their drinks. Hemanth has also noticed a growing interest in whisky collection across the country.

Some of Hemanth’s favourite whiskies are Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Brora, and Glenlivet. Closer to home, he loves Amrut Spectrum, Amrut Amaze and Paul John Select Cask Peated.