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Speaker Profile

Madhulika Dhall
Ms Madhulika Dhall

Founder - Director
La Cave

Known for taking the seemingly daunting subject of wine India's Leading Lady of wines, Madhulika Dhall, brings it down to earth for all to understand and enjoy, proving that the grape business isn’t just for the menfolk or aficionados alone.

The delWine Top Ten Indian Women of Wine (WOW) Award 2019 is conferred upon Madhulika Bhattacharyya Dhall, a multi-talented powerhouse, a PR professional and a Radio Jockey who spearheaded the capital’s premier wine and liquor store La Cave. Since opening in 2015, it has become Delhi’s most discerning alcohol store. Recently, she established another 5,000 square feet retail store in Bangalore, stocking 350 labels of fine wines, spirits and beer from all across the world. She believes Consumer-led events are a key to expanding the customer base and the market. She hosted a total of 45 such wine dinners in India last year. “Wine has always been my passion and I love the ethos behind it. I wanted to make wine more accessible to consumers who are intimidated by the subject. La Cave was never just a store but about connecting with consumers and shedding the pretentiousness,” she says. She urges Delhi to stop viewing alcohol purchasing as disreputable, especially women who need space where they can purchase wine and liquor without patronisation.

Affectionately referred to as "Madame La Cave," has spent the last two decades traveling to some of the best vineyards in the world, refining her inner Bon Voyant. Besides being a gourmand and oenophile, Madhulika has an impressive background in PR and has worked with some of the most reputable in the hospitality industry. In 2015, she launched her new venture, La Cave, a luxury retail store in New Delhi, India. Her aim: to source the best spirits and wines from a variety of producers around the world and to make them more accessible to the market.

Apart from being the Chief Consumer at La Cave as she quips, Madhulika is hands on with every aspect of her business-- From procuring delicious wines to artfully curating exceptional Epicurean tasting experiences that are attended by some of the country's biggest influencers and most well respected tastemakers.

Madame La Cave is all about pairing fun with expertise! Besides wine, she’s is equally passionate about music. In fact, she's often known to end her dinners in song and even dons a hat as an RJ on one of India's most beloved radio channels