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Speaker Profile

Pravesh Pandey
Mr Pravesh Pandey

Restaurateur | Food and Beverage Enthusiast | Explorer | Coach

Pravesh has over 22 years of experience in hospitality management, business development, financial management, operational excellence, brand management, marketing & strategising. His belief in developing people led him to launch Releski which is a skill-based tech company focused on recruitment, e-learning and skills development.

In 2020, he created the app-based course for hospitality businesses - “Covid-free Restaurants” (which was then endorsed by the National Restaurants Association of India (NRAI)) that has helped popular brands like Toit, Red Rhino, Bob’s Bar, Aurum, etc. in implementing the “Covid-free Restaurants” course.

Pravesh is renowned for his oration skills and has been a speaker at TED x CMRIT Bengaluru, Indian Restaurant Congress, Franchise India, The Pub Convention, and many more. He also spearheaded and represented HRC in various global conferences in London, Bangkok, etc.