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Speaker Profile

Shatbhi Basu
Ms Shatbhi Basu

STIR Academy

Alumna of IHM Mumbai, class of 1980

Bar & Beverage Consultant to international brands & bars; a freelance journalist

Created STIR academy of bartending for giving young students skills, direction, purpose and a career, allowing them to support their family and growth opportunities

Educates trade and consumers, on the hows & whys, taste profiles, nuances of wines and spirits and the art and science of mixology. Encouraging people to think and appreciate, not just drink. Her easy style, wit and irreverent approach makes even the most difficult to understand subjects, simple!

Designs the working bar, fabricates signature equipment, curates signature menus and executes bar launches with training for the entire team

Not bound by trends, fads or the return to classics, using techniques that enhance a drink, taking it to the next level. Drawing flavour inspirations from within the vast options in India and from around the world, focussing on the objective of creating libations that sing!

SPIRITUAL SWEAT BY SHATBHI BASU – a conceptualizing and publishing initiative in the area of food & beverages & more – conceived during the challenge of the Covid 19 pandemic.

Curating and publishing The Can’t Go Wrong Book Of Mocktails – a comprehensive, fully photographed guide to non-alcoholic beverages across categories with over 150 recipes. Expected to launch November/December 2020

Curating & Publishing The 2nd Can’t Go Wrong Book of Cocktails – a comprehensive, fully photographed guide to alcoholic beverages with a special highlight on ‘Made in India’ and a collection of over 150 recipes. Expected to launch December 2022



Awarded by the President of India and the Ministry of Women and Child Development as India's first woman bartender

India’s first bartending academy STIR

India’s first comprehensive beverage books – The Can’t Go Wrong Book of Cocktails, The Can’t Go Wrong Book of Mocktails

India's first generic stainless steel modular bar

Host & content creator for India’s first show on cocktails & more - In High Spirits on NDTV Good Times The first American Whiskey Ambassador, India from 2013 – 2016

Inducted as a “Keeper of the Quaich” in 2022 for outstanding work with scotch whisky