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Speaker Profile

Vishal Deorah
Mr Vishal Deorah

Chief Executive Officer and co-founder
Global Spirits India

Vishal is the founder of Global Spirits India, a vertically integrated alcohol import, distribution, marketing and Retail Company in 2018 with operations in East & North East India. The company provides an integrated platform to launch and grow brands in the region with a proven cost-effective model for companies and currently represents over 200 brands for some of the biggest national and multinational companies who have successfully entered the Northeastern Market for the first time through them.

 Vishal has over a decade of industry experience before setting up Global Spirits and he had his start in the family’s pharma distribution business, where he picked up a better understanding of managing large-scale distribution of fast-moving consumer goods.

His desire to help change people perception of the Northeast India market led him to conceptualize “The Whiskey Company”, a 9500 square feet, one-of-a-kind retail space in Guwahati, and a 15500 square feet store in Meghalaya called “The Warehouse" that aims to bring modern experiential retailing at a global scale to local audiences.

Vishal is a marketing & finance graduate by education.